Dear colleagues,

It is with great excitement I present to you our first edition of the Complex Care Journal. The edition is attached as a PDF below.


We hope you find the included articles useful, especially at this time of change- a time we can take advantage of innovations for our patients and programs. Included we have 3 program reports, each highlighting different ways to provide care to children with medical complexity; a resident-developed elective; a new chronic pain assessment tool for children with neurological impairment; a review of 2 AAP policy statements; and a commentary on the current world we are in and how we can harness the change for improving patient care.


The purpose of this journal is not to compete with existing journals for the type of complex care content already being published; instead, the purpose of this journal is to provide a home for content that is not currently being published, or written for that matter, but nonetheless would be useful to advance complex care.


I want to thank all the authors and peer reviewers who helped make this happen. If you have an article, please email If you would like to volunteer to be a article peer reviewer or involved in the journal’s leadership, please fill out this form: (link above in menu bar).


The Editors