229 residents from multiple programs across North America complete this web-based curriculum on CMC. The study provided education through either interactive modules or sets of readings. The increase in knowledge and resident comfort was higher in the module-based trainings; though more interesting, the knowledge on these topics increased significantly, no matter the method of dissemination. In addition the study looked at handoffs for CMC patients. There was a significant increase after the education, though the authors point out the scoring on handoffs even after intervention were poor.


I was a proud participant in this study and I found the training modules engaging and very informative. As the authors point out, the increasingly prevalent CMC inpatient population requires “specialized care for optimal outcomes” yet there are few “evidence-based clinical care guidelines, educational resources, and training requirements”. I do remember thinking similar sentiments while doing the modules- that these patients require high quality care. The significant increase in knowledge, no matter the delivery method, in this study tells me we have some work to do. Thankfully this team has made a great foundation.

Kristie Malik, MD
Complex Care, Children’s Hospital at Montefiore

Shah, NH et al.Children with Medical Complexity: A Web-based, Multimedia Curriculum Assessing Pediatric Residents across North America. Acad Pedi. 2017 Aug 23.